The Institute for Facial Esthetics provides internship programs including surgical and prosthetic training in the Brånemark System, demonstrating the integration of implant dentistry into the dental practice.

Internships are provided in a clinical setting and participants view all implant related treatment scheduled in the care center.

Training includes 1(Implant Placement) and 2 (Abutment Connection) surgery, bone grafting techniques, all phases of prosthetic replacement, prosthetic and surgical hands-on training, prevention of complications, and oral hygiene procedures.

The training program places special emphasis on diagnosis and treatment planning. Radiographic and photographic analysis are used to consult with laboratory technicians in the development of prototype prostheses.

An extensive slide and video training library is available to participants for further study and research.


Requirements- Each applicant must:

* Both written and spoken fluency in the English language
* Obtain housing before entering the United States
* Be financially independent
* Provide own transportation to and from center
* Bring scrubs and lab coat
* Bring telescopic lenses, personal magnification, and camera (if participants wish to record clinical procedures)

Application-Please mail the following to this address:

Institute for Facial Esthetics
467 Pennsylvania Avenue #201
Fort Washington, PA 19034 USA

1. A cover letter describing why the candidate wishes to study advanced Implant Prosthodontics in our center
2. A statement of goals, objectives, and expectations for internship program
3. Preferred time of internship (winter, spring, fall)
4. Length of internship (2 months, 4 months, 8 months, 1 year)
5. Completed application.   Download Internship Applicaton