NobelGuide Course Testimonials

I have done (surgically and restoratively) over 100 arches with conventional All-On-4 and All-on-4, 5,and 6 even 8 with guided surgeries (NobelGuide surgeries) so I have ample surgical and prosthetic experience with full arch/mouth cases. I really want to get proficient with zygomatic implants as I am starting to see so many patients these days with severely resorbed maxilla and I want to work with them and help them. I have taken Fortin’s course in Montreal as well as see Ed Bedrossian perform zygoma surgery in SanFransico. However, it was your course that I got the most information and everything clicked. Last week I placed my first pterygoid implants and the case went well.

Sincerely, Dr. Irfan Atcha


I appreciated seeing the day-to-day patients, problems and all, and not just cherry picked patients for demo purposes. the A-V was amazing. Everyone was very professional, helpful and friendly. I couldn’t have been more pleased with my experience here.

Nicholas Veaco, MD, DDS, MS
Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon
Stockton, CA


A letter about courses at the Institute for Facial Esthetics

My name is Tom Guigliano, and I am a NYC prosthodontist. I received a response from Dr. Tom Balshi inviting me to take his 3-day course at The Institute For Facial Esthetics in Fort Washington, Pa (outside of Philadelphia). At first, I dismissed the idea, but after thinking about it, I said, “Why not?”, and took the plunge.

I just returned from there about a week ago and have the following report:

The course was three days (about 7:30am to 6:00pm, Mon, Tues, Wed January 15-17, 2001).

The course was, quite simply, amazing. First, the office, by New York City standards, is like a small city! Ten operatories, full service lab, a staff of over 20!!! In three days, I witnessed numerous implant placements, a sinus lift, an implant removal, bone grafting, prosthetic reconstructions in progress, new patient evaluations among other things. This may sound like a paid testimonial, but I can assure you, it comes from the heart. From the first five minutes I was there, Dr. Tom Balshi and Dr. Glenn Wolfinger (the operators of PI) maid me feel as comfortable as if I was in my own office. They truly are special people, and gave me the run of the place. The staff was courteous, friendly and helpful.

I thought maybe this information might be helpful to anyone who might be considering taking their course. If you are, my advice is definitely GO FOR IT!!

I feel very comfortable placing implants myself now, mainly due to how easy Dr. Balshi made it look. I have a meeting next week with a representative from Nobel Biocare to purchase what I need to get started. I already have a waiting list of patients!!

Thomas S. Giuglaino, DDS
New York City


Dear Glenn and Tom,
I would like to thank all of you and the PI team for the education I received this year at Viewpoint, for the excellent care you rendered for patients referred, and for all your contributions to the profession.

Raymond Haggerty, III DDS


Dear Prof. Dr. Thomas Balshi,

I had the pleasure to meet you in 1996 during the one-month training I received, along with a few Romanian colleagues, in your clinic, “Prosthodontics Intermedica”, opportunity that was offered to us by Dr.George Danciu, head of”Dent-A-America StomaClinic”.

I have often thought about you and your nice family and the hospitality you so generously extended to us during our stay in the USA. Your outstanding practice together with the experience I gained in your clinic has greatly contributed to setting a model for my career, for which I am eternally grateful.

Dr.Mihaela Pantea
Assistant Professor at the 
Faculty of Dentistry, Department for
Fixed Prosthodontics and Occlusology
University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila”
Bucharest, Romania Bucharest, Romania.


Thank you. This has been one of the best courses.  First rate facility. We all felt so welcome by Dr. and Mrs. Balshi. 

Dr. Trey Harper, Prosthodontic Resident
Naval Dental School
Bethesda, MD



The camera work was incredible, unobtrusive, high-paced, relevant focus, great angles, unbelievable.  The camera-person knows the procedure, anticipates, makes it clearer. Excellent. I am in awe.

Sarah Lawson, DDS
Oral Maxillofacial Surgery
Naval Dental School
Bethesda, MD


Impressive facility, state-of-the-art AV and live patient examples make course very enjoyable.

Michael I. Gentile, DMD
Oral Maxillofacial Surgery
Naval Dental School
Bethesda, MD

Excellent.  Amazing perspective on the advances of implant dentistry.  Thank you!  Noah Orenstein, DMD, UCONN

Prosthodontic Resident

The best course I have been to, coming for 2nd time.  Cosmetically and functionally driven treatment makes all the difference.  Very impressed with your team and results are just amazing!!!  You are the best! 

Marina Funtik, DMD, UCONN Prosthodontic Resident

Absolutely amazing!  It’s my second time here and your practice, staff and skills never cease to amaze me!  Thank you so much! 

Guillermo Zapata Luna, DDS UCONN Prosthodontic Resident