Dentist’s Course Testimonials

Excellent course. Wonderful organization. Drs. Balshi and Wolfinger deserve the reputation they have achieved. I am very proud to have learned from them.

Jeffrey Brown, DMD, MD
St. Lucie, FL

Thank you for allowing me to spend the day at Prosthodontics Intermedica. I am in awe of your facility and the quantity and quality of services you are able to provide. The “niche” market that you cater to is one that is very difficult to treat, let alone with the high level of service that you and your staff are able to offer. Once again thank you so much.

Dr. Matthew Rudolph
Chester Springs, PA

Excellent course with excellent instructors, software training and explanation.  It was well presented in a slow and logical manner to allow those of us who are not computer literate the ability to perfect our planning techniques. All were open to any questions.

Dr. Mark Travis
Florrisant, MO

By far the best course, the best content, the best facility and the best presenters and staff I’ve experienced.

Tony Nunez, DDS

The best course and the best group I have ever seen.

Travis Hampton DMD
Covington, GA

Just a quick note to you and your staff that your expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated.

G. Fred Atwell, DDS
Anniston, AL

Words are not enough to thank Dr. Balshi and Dr. Wolfinger for giving us an opportunity to attend the course. Many thanks to Dr. Bowers, another great teacher, Linda and the whole Pi Staff for the wonderful education and hospitality. I am taking memories and knowledge for a lifetime. Thanks!

Dr. Ajay Dhingra, DMD, MSD
Prosthodontic Faculty

University of Connecticut Health Ctr, Farmington, CT

Very informative, mind blowing. Makes me think of saying, “The mind once stretched by a new idea cannot regain its original directions.”

Garima Talwar, DDS
Prosthodontic Resident

University of Maryland Dental School, Baltimore MD

Tom, Glenn and Steve have created a very wonderful atmosphere and environment for learning. Tom, your vision and leadership are inspiring.  Your character and commitment to excellence are apparent in every aspect of your course facility and team. Superb.

John Herrin
Bedford, NH

Tom and Glenn have changed dentistry as you well know. I will tell other doctors about your courses. Thank you.

Bruce Fink, DDS
Palmetto, GA

Great place, great live surgery, big window. Great camaraderie and group meal.

Dr. Michael Hamel
Manchester, NH

LOVED the live surgeries!! Made for a very interesting and exciting course. Also the ordering list was very helpful.

Gillian Flower
Dental Assistant
Fairfax, VA

Wonderful experience! Wish every conference was like this. Thank you so much for all your generosity and knowledge.

Bridget Willet, DDS – Resident
University of Connecticut
Stanford, CT

Thank you so much for this wonderful course. It was an eye opening experience to witness your philosophy, total satisfaction and second to none quality of patient care.

Marina Funtik, DMD
University of Connecticut
Stanford, CT

The course is well organized in a beautiful facility with very pleasant staff. It was a good learning experience and I had a great time.

Yung Kim, DDS
University of Connecticut
Stanford, CT

Great experience, great educators, great facilities and great hospitality. Thank you so much.

Carl Driscoll DMD
Director of Graduate Prosthodontics
University of Maryland Dental School, Baltimore MD

Excellent course with excellent people.  Will highly recommend!

Dr. Tim Lund
Belgrade, MT

This was a wonderful course and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate. Much thanks to Dr. Balshi, Dr. Wolfinger, Mr. Stephen Balshi and all the staff of Pi!

Daniel Greenbaum DDS
University of Maryland Dental School, Baltimore, MD

Great lectures, great staff, great food.

Kaye You DMD
Baltimore, MD

Outstanding course in every aspect. Innovative surgery and prosthodontics. Role model for residents relative to patient centered care, innovation and high quality care.

John R. Agar, DDS MA, BA
Director of Graduate Prosthodontics
UCONN School of Dental Medicine
Farmington, CT

I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for allowing me to be a participant in your NobelGuide/NobelGuide course this past weekend. You, your staff and the entire presentation were all magnificent! The scope of the information provided was very informative and every aspect of the presentation was superb.

My attendance at the course has enabled me to have regeneration in implant dentistry. I am looking forward to completing my first NobelGuide patient.  I am also excited about returning to the institute for additional courses.

Thomas Wright, Jr., DDS
Richmond, VA

The lecture content of your course, The Severely Atrophic Maxilla, Stabilizing Implants in the Pterygomaxillary and Zygoma Regions was excellent. I would like to thank Stephen Balshi for his erudite discussion of biomechanics. Your staff were very friendly and made me feel most welcome. I would like to congratulate you on your facility. You have an outstanding design of the clinical and teaching facility, The Institute For Facial Esthetics. Your operating room was First Class and the viewing window and audiovisual technology allowed for great viewing of the live surgical procedures. Your enthusiasm has encouraged me to revisit the use of zygoma implants in my practice.

Dr. Brent Allan
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
West Leederville, Western Australia

From:  Brown-Joseph, Belinda
Date: March 17, 2014 at 1:13:31 PM EDT
Dear Tom, Glenn and Stephen,As always thank you for the educational experience you give to our residents and students.  I agree they are eager to learn.  We appreciate the time you take to review the CT scans, explain the surgical approaches and of course share your patient’s surgery.  The students are impressed by your knowledge and the team effort that is needed to obtain a successful case outcome. We also look forward to our continued collaboration in mentoring the Temple students. Belinda