Viewpoint Conference CenterWelcome to Viewpoint Conference Center

We proudly present a small but rich corner of academia where global points of view factor together to create the cutting edge. Here collegiality of art and science fuse across table tops, and spirited hospitality embraces the communities that come to carve the newest ideas of our millennium.

Viewpoint’s surgical suite was ergonomically designed to provide optimum comfort for patients and support staff while offering direct and indirect observation capabilities. Well-suited for all types of plastic surgery, dermatology, cosmetic and restorative dental procedures, Viewpoint’s operating room has communication links to all parts of the building.

Hollywood’s tradition of “Lights, Camera, and Action” pales in comparison to the blending of focused beams, photographic innovations, scanning and videography available in Viewpoint’s nucleus. Meticulously designed to enhance active scientific communication by inviting interactive dialogue to complement didactic programs, the philosophy of Viewpoint is to meld the many different perspectives of learning into a cauldron of experienced opinion, and to make these exciting ideas become transparent to the world.

Viewpoint stands for excellence. We invite and welcome individuals from all academic disciplines to place their names in our ivy hall as mentors and catalysts in effecting a more perfect and esthetic world.

Experience Viewpoint!